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Being the winner of the Mega Millions in New York could be a great and life altering experience. Literally, millions of dollars could be yours in an instant, and this could bring about a lot of great changes in your life. However, you cannot win the millions unless you play, and the following information explains everything you will need to know to get off the sidelines and enter into the NY Lottery game Mega Millions game.

two Mega Millions tickets

Being the winner of the Mega Millions in New York could be a great and life altering experience.

The Mega Millions is a fun game in NY where you pick numbers in hopes of winning a large sum of cash. You will pick five numbers of your own and then one additional, special number, or powerball. If you match all six in the series, you could be the winner of a very large prize of millions of dollars. The amounts vary, but the gameplay is equally the same; fun and suspenseful. Either take your numbers that you like to the nearest store for playing, or have them randomly generate a ticket for you when you are there. Remember that if multiple winners hit on the Mega Millions, there will be a sharing of the prize.

You will hear about your winnings, if you played the Mega Millions in New York on one of several different televisions throughout the state. Currently, nine stations in NY provide the numbers when they are drawn as a way to notify the public and potential winners of the prizes. Be sure that if you play, you know when your Mega Millions ticket can be determined, and where to go for more information. With so many different options in viewing, you can be sure to not miss it!

When you play the Mega Millions, know that you are giving back. A portion of the proceeds actually benefits the New York public school systems. After all, the tickets are affordable. In fact, to increase your chances of winning, purchasing several tickets is advisable. So, playing can be fun, exciting, and charitable at the same time!

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